Company's Overview

Aggarwal Construction Company is a family-owned and operated business started in New Delhi by Mr. Sanjeev Aggarwal, 31 years ago. His vision began with Building Construction while working with the Slum Department. Mr. Aggarwal’s past experiences, professionalism, and ethics have uplifted the reputation of the company. undertook some of the most outstanding projects in residential, non-residential buildings and the infrastructure sector, partnering with some of the Government departments in the country. Listening and understanding our client's requirements has been our mantra for the success of every project. 


This organization has a massive footprint over the Northern parts of the country and is managed by highly skilled team of engineers, artisans, accountants, and other notable professionals. We use modern techniques and the latest construction tools based on the requirements of the project. We attained specializations in Civil & Road Construction, Water Proofing, Rainwater Harvesting, Development Work, and Power Stations mainly for the government (Public) sector.