Meet The Team 


Sanjeev Aggarwal

Founder and President

Mr. Sanjeev Aggarwal is the captain of the ship, who’s vision has always been to empower the workforce at every level of his organization. It is him, whose provident thoughts, Hard work, Heart winning nature,  31+years of experience played a major role to establish our company and make a vital impact on our clients. His core knowledge about construction helps the company to make all the projects completed within cost most economically.  He laid out the core values of this company and its efforts to thrive with excellence in the future.


Arvind Gupta

Managing Partner

Mr. Arvind Gupta has given 21 years of his life to Aggarwal Construction Company. After becoming the Managing Partner, he has always stood with Mr. Sanjeev Aggarwal on every step, in every project and has made the company what it is today. He has a major contribution to the company’s overall development and has always set up a benchmark with his hard work and positive attitude. 


Tushar Aggarwal

Managing Director

After finishing his MBA, Tushar Aggarwal joined Aggarwal Construction Co. as the Managing Director. He successfully brings new ideas and a fresh perspective to this company. Tushar believes in continuous improvement through innovation along with diversity for the company’s expansional approach in the future. 


Khushboo Aggarwal

HR & Business Developer

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Ms. Khushboo Aggarwal brings an international perspective to ACC in all aspects. After attaining an MBA in finance from the United States, she worked for Prudential Pension funds. She is keen on steering efficiencies through various multifunctional projects within the company. Khushboo believes in multilateral perspectives while developing a company and keeping it away from the challenges posed by the market.  


Waseek Ahmad

Senior Engineer & Technical Head

Mr. Ahmad is one of the oldest employees and joined ACC 10 years ago. His role along with our founder and managing partner make our company grew faster. He currently plays a major role as a Technical Head and Senior Engineer for the organization. His years of experience, deep knowledge, Hard work, and multi-tasking profile has helped our company to finalize several projects and build smooth relations with our reputed clients.


Gurnam Singh

Accounts Manager

Mr. Gurnam Singh carries years of experience from various companies before he started working for Aggarwal Construction Company. He handles the accounts department of ACC and strives on bringing in compliant accounting, financials standards. Time after time, he has proved to be a great asset for the company.  

Organization Strength 

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